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ArchWorks PMU Artistry welcomes you to explore a world where the perfect Eyebrow or Eyeliner is achievable through semi-permanent tattoo. Looking great and feeling great is our first priority here at the studio. As well as leaving with your dream makeup we also offer relaxing  enjoyable skincare treatments in our spa like environment. Whether you are looking for just a consultation, a facial or a full brow procedure, we are here to answer all your questions. Booking an appointment will be the best decision you can do for yourself and we look forward to meeting you!


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Why Us?

Eyebrows are essential for framing your face, defining your look, and expressing yourself. We Strive to give you the best eyebrow shape and colour for your face.

Making beautiful Semi Permanent Eyebrows is not just about skill, but also about art.  At PMU Artistry, we pride ourselves in making you look your best. We are perfectionists that think that if eyes are considered the window to your looks, then eyebrows are considered the frames and it is important to get the perfect frame to enhance the look of your face.

ArchWorks PMU Artistry has quickly gained a following of satisfied semi-permanent eyebrow makeup customers through referrals and social media. Not only does Lisa listen to what type of eye brow shape and color her clients want, she also takes into consideration their skin type and explains what will work on their skin type and what will not. Lisa provides an in-depth semi-permanent eye brow consultation before the procedure as health conditions, medication, skin type and life style will all affect the tattoo. Upon entering the spa like studio you will feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole eyebrow tattoo procedure.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading companies offering Semi Permanent eyebrow make up services in Edmonton. Our team is well trained by leading brow masters in the industry, making us specialists in semi-permanent eyebrow services. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by sculpting perfect brow shape with great detail and natural strokes to give it genuine brow look. Not only that, we also ensure that our customers get all the information required for aftercare process in order to be able to enjoy beautiful, long lasting eyebrow tattoos that have a natural look as well as suit your face perfectly.

If you are concerned with your over plucked or thin eyebrows, or brows that are naturally light colored that you can barely notice them, then getting Semi Permanent eye brow make up is the way to go. Our service provides definition to your brows as well as fullness without compromising on the natural look. We replicate each eye brow hair strand at a microscopic level to give it shape and depth, giving your eyebrows very natural and realistic look. At Archworks PMU Artistry, we are professional permanent makeup artists that understand the care this process requires and work very carefully to achieve the best possible results.

Do not hesitate, contact us to consult anytime for the best semi-permanent eye brow tattoo services in Edmonton and around.

Certified in Cosmetic Tattoo

BloodBorne Pathogen Certified

Archworks is Alberta Health and Safety Inspected

Fully Licensed


Here at the studio we take Covid 19 very serious. All clients must fill out a pre screening form and have their temperature taken upon arrival. Under no circumstances will we complete the procedure if you feel unwell or have been around someone that has recently travelled or isn’t well.

  • Masks must be worn to enter the studio.
  • We will have you change your mask to a fresh clean one once you are inside.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and sterilized after every client